About InnerSun Family Chiropractic

Our favorite people to work with are people who want to be well.

Who We Adjust:

People come to us for a variety of reasons. We find the people who like working with us the most have certain characteristics:  

  • They value good health.
  • They know that they are responsible for their own health.
  • They believe they can get better.
  • They are seeking an alternative to typical medical measures in regaining and/or maintaining health.
  • They’re looking for someone to partner with their health care, not someone to control it.

We think of ourselves as a whole-family Chiropractic office. We see moms & dads and lots of kids. If you’re not a mom or dad, don’t let that deter you from coming in, however:  We have plenty of you here too.

Prenatal and Postnatal Adjusting

Most moms agree that they’d never go through pregnancy without medical prenatal care.  Chiropractic offices like ours are on a mission to help moms know that Chiropractic care through pregnancy is also important.  We look at health a little differently. Rather than looking at our bodies by its parts and pieces, we look at it as one whole functioning system.  

Prenatal Chiropractic care focuses on the health of mom and the alignment of her spine—and specifically the pelvis, to help mom’s body continue to stay healthy through labor and delivery into the post-natal period (4th Trimester).  

Dr. Brown is a certified Webster’s Technique practitioner and utilizes this evaluation and adjusting protocol for all pregnant women in our office.

Pediatric Adjusting

One of the best parts of being a Chiropractor is in helping our kids stay and grow healthy. It’s a wonderful thing to see when a child becomes so in-tune with their body that they are able to tell mom and dad when something is off—-and long before it becomes a problem. 

Parents outside of our practice typically seek us out when they notice their child has chronic ear infections, frequent illnesses, attention deficits, sensory processing issues, torticollis, sleeping issues, colic, and a plethora of other common “kid conditions”.  

Dr. Brown’s training in pediatrics is through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association and Intersect4Life Learning Academy (SPD and NDD populations).


Looking for more information about our adjustment techniques?


Looking for more information about our adjustment techniques?

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