Financial information

We provide Good Faith Estimates

Here’s everything you need to know about our fees

We’re here to help empower you to take control of your health. That includes empowering you to understand the financial aspects of your healthcare.

We talk first

As a direct care and direct pay office, we offer a phone consultation with the Doctor before you schedule your initial visit.

That phone call is a valuable opportunity for you to ensure we are the right place for you and you’re fully informed about the financial side of your care.

Ask us anything! We completely understand that cost is a factor and we want you to be comfortable with what you’re likely to pay before you take time out of your day to come to an initial appointment.

What is the average cost of care?

To some extent, this is like asking how long is a piece of string. No two clients are the same – your needs may be above or below average. Here’s our best estimate of the average costs of care for the average client.

Corrective care costs Maintenance costs
An intensive course of treatment, often over 6 months, when you first come to us to relieve areas of pain and to correct areas of subluxation. Ongoing care at longer intervals to help you maintain health and correction you’ve achieved through the corrective care phase. The average client makes regularly scheduled spinal checks part of their health habits.
Average cost $500–$800 per month $130 – $150 per month

What is involved in care?

Your care is a partnership between the two of us.

We bring our extensive training and experience in chiropractic care, you bring your commitment to the process and your effort in doing home-based exercises between sessions.

We guide you, encourage you and empower you – but the responsibility for daily health choices rests with you. No-one else can do that for you.

Payment options

Because everyone’s needs are different, we offer several different ways to pay for your care. 

Pay upfront Interest-free in-house payment plans 3rd party healthcare financing option
Easily weekly automated payments available. Smooth out the cost of care with an interest-free in-house payment plan – the most popular option. Popular payment plans from external providers such as Momnt and CareCredit, with reasonable interest rates and extended payment plan options for those who qualify.


Next steps

Book a phone call
with Dr Brown
Ask about our approach to care, our fees and our payment options to ensure we’re a good fit for you
Complete our pre-appointment information
Attend your first session and get started on the path to better health.
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