Live well. Get checked.

We empower you to prioritize your health through corrective chiropractic.

Our focus is on individualized, specific care based on your body’s innate ability to express good health. If you’re worried about your health or about your children’s health, know that we will work with you to create a plan to help. We welcome your questions and invite you to call.

Reclaim a sense of security about your own and your family’s health.

Relieve many different types of pain and dysfunction.
Nurture long-term health and vitality.

Do you struggle with:


InnerSun’s corrective chiropractic approach can help

Chiropractic adjustments

Chiropractic adjustments

Hands-on and instrument-based techniques to improve spinal and nervous system function.

Health guidance

Health guidance

Education, support and accountability as you make lifestyle changes to achieve your health goals.

Every life stage

Every life stage

We treat kids, adults, pregnant or postnatal moms, busy, stressed-out parents, older folks - and everyone else too.

Get started in 5 easy steps


Look inside

Are you willing to put in the time, effort and dollars needed to make lasting improvements to your health and wellbeing?


Book a discovery call

Before we schedule an appointment, we like to talk to you to see if we’re likely to be a good fit for each other.

In this 15-minute call, we answer your initial questions and explain our approach to care and average case fee. We aim to be very transparent about who we can (and cannot) help.

We like to answer these questions over a convenient phone call before you take time out of your day to attend an appointment or pay an initial exam fee.


Complete the initial paperwork

We know you’re busy so we give you a chance to fill in all the necessary forms ahead of time. You can even download them here if you like.


Attend your first appointment

We’ll spend time discussing your present concerns, medical history and health goals. We’ll examine you thoroughly and recommend a custom care approach. Allow 60 minutes for us to gather the information we need to provide you with individualized care.


Enjoy the new you

We will provide you with a custom corrective care plan that addresses your initial concern and any other health goals you have brought up in your initial appointment. Should you choose to start care, we will begin right away.

As your care gets underway, you’ll start to experience the benefits of corrective chiropractic and feel supported and revitalized.