Why Would Kids Need a Chiropractor?

At InnerSun Family Chiropractic, LLC, we value the health and wellness of every member of your family.

It may sound strange to think of taking your children to a chiropractor at such a young age, but consider this: kids need chiropractors simply because, well, they’re kids.

Chiropractors and their practice members know that the brain and spinal cord coordinate and control every function of the body. Misalignments of the spine (what is termed ‘Subluxation,” when left over time, cause interference to nerve flow – and impede this coordination and function. This includes the function of the immune system, brain function, organ function, etc.

Birth is the first traumatic event of our lives. The very act of being born causes subluxation, especially in the manner in which we birth babies in the Western world. Doctors assisting in the delivery turn the baby’s head and sometimes utilize forceps or vacuum extractors. This can cause seriously misaligned vertebrae at the top and bottom of the baby’s neck, inhibiting important nerve flow from the moment they are born.

Think of how many times a child bumps their head, falls while learning to walk, falls while climbing, falls while riding their bikes, etc. I used to jump off the 15 foot roof over our back porch before I was ten years old and fall out of trees…“just for fun.”

Today, we have less of that, as our children have become more sedentary. But think of this: how much time every day do they spend sitting? Have you looked at your son or daughters’ posture while they’re gaming/texting/watching TV?

I’m going on record as saying that I think chiropractic care is as vital for children to be checked for subluxation and adjusted as it is for adults….maybe more so.

Remember, the degenerative process doesn’t “happen to us” when we get old: it’s happening every day of our lives. The symptoms just don’t show up for decades.

Think of how many conditions we can prevent our children from having simply by having them under chiropractic care. How much better would you be if you’d found chiropractic care years and years ago?