What is Chiropractic?

Whenever I bring up the fact that I am a chiropractor, people will generally start telling me about their pain.

I’m always available to help and, most times, I’m willing to share my opinion regarding whatever problem someone is having. But really, chiropractic has nothing to do with pain.

Chiropractic has been around for over a hundred years. At its core, it’s a healing profession built around the idea that the brain and nervous system control and coordinate all function. Because of this, we look to the spine–the part of us that houses and protects the nervous system–to help our bodies work correctly.

How does this work?

At every level of our spine, large sections of the spinal cord exit and reach out to specific sections of our body. These nerves make organs, blood vessels, tissues, bones and muscle function. Without them, our heart wouldn’t beat, blood vessels wouldn’t constrict or relax, muscles can’t contract, and our immune system wouldn’t recognize invaders.

Chiropractors look to the spine for minor misalignments that change the flow of impulses – the information necessary to keep all these things working correctly – between the brain and the body. The weight of a dime placed upon the spinal cord shuts off over 60% of all nerve flow. The pressure of a small misalignment, especially if left over time, will not only decrease nerve flow but weaken whatever is on the other end of that nerve. Remember, disease is a process. By simply opening up these channels and restoring flow, we can minimize, stop, and in some cases reverse major health problems.

As more and more people learn how the body works along with its powerful, inherent healing capabilities, they are seeking chiropractic care for preventative measures as well as incorporating them into their wellness regimen.

How do I know when a practice member of mine “gets it?”

It’s simple: they call to get checked and adjusted when they’re feeling “off,” when “something just doesn’t feel right,” or “because I want to keep feeling well.” They’re having their whole family checked, from the youngest to the wisest. That’s also when I know I’m doing my job right.